A Touch of History Adds Value

Most of us who live on the North Shore have the privilege of living in towns where this country's history was shaped. There seems to be a story on every street corner or behind the doors of brick buildings. The towns of Danvers, Newburyport, Georgetown, and Beverly are experiencing an influx of new homeowners and with that, home sellers. So how are they selling so fast and such a high rate? 


After speaking some of the homeowners who have recently sold, they mentioned finding a historical connect to the street, town, or area and adding that to their house was a major selling point. 

"We went to the town hall and found that our street was the mill road to an old tannery in the late 1800s. When the tannery was leveled and houses were built, we lost some of the history. So, after finding out about the tannery, we started looking for tools, materials, objects, anything that we could use in home decor. We found an old machinery wheel and had a glass table mounted as our coffee table. Old signs from the tannery we found through the Town Hall became part of the home. All sold with the house."

Another couple I spoke with had learned their home was originally built by a founder of vinyl record player company. They used that as a theme for their home crafting wall art out of patents of the record player and vinyl records from the era of the original house.

It's stories like this that make potential buyers excited and interested in being a part of history living on. So, do some research, find something special, make your home and extension of something that once was. Then either cash in...or own a piece of something unique. But, just be honest. 


So you waived your Home Inspection. Now what?

You found your dream home. You made an offer, but now you're in a bidding war. I get it, the market is hot right now! The options outside of increasing your offer are limited. Most times you are advised to pay portions of the seller's closing costs or waive your home inspection contingency. While both of those option are viable solutions, just because you waive your home inspection as a contingency to buy, you should still get your inspection as a piece of mind. 

Home Inspections provide a layer of security and transparency like very few things in the real estate business. The proper home inspection can uncover specific safety issues, areas of maintenance, and construction details that otherwise would go left unattended. 

So, find your dream home, and do whatever it takes to make it yours. But, for the safety and security of your family, and your own piece of mind, get your new home inspected and know every detail there is about the property.