So you waived your Home Inspection. Now what?

You found your dream home. You made an offer, but now you're in a bidding war. I get it, the market is hot right now! The options outside of increasing your offer are limited. Most times you are advised to pay portions of the seller's closing costs or waive your home inspection contingency. While both of those option are viable solutions, just because you waive your home inspection as a contingency to buy, you should still get your inspection as a piece of mind. 

Home Inspections provide a layer of security and transparency like very few things in the real estate business. The proper home inspection can uncover specific safety issues, areas of maintenance, and construction details that otherwise would go left unattended. 

So, find your dream home, and do whatever it takes to make it yours. But, for the safety and security of your family, and your own piece of mind, get your new home inspected and know every detail there is about the property.